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Keeping the Jobsite Safe

At Meibaum Excavation, we take great care to ensure working conditions are as safe as possible on every jobsite. However, toxic building materials like asbestos or other hazardous materials may be present during demolition. Our team is trained to safely abate the risks associated with hazardous materials and remedy the situation to limit environmental exposure.

Silt & Safety Fence Installs for Site Management

Another part of protecting the environment is by ensuring construction materials and soil from the jobsite stay where they are. We employ the use of silt and safety fences to reduce the amount of cross-contamination between the jobsite and the rest of nature.

For example, broken concrete contains traces of lime and crystalline silica, and It’s common for bits of broken concrete to get mixed into the excavated soil while working. By setting up silt fences around the perimeter of a construction site, we can reduce the amount of contaminated soil that enters the environment.

While silt fences help prevent contaminants from getting out, safety fences serve to keep wildlife and people from getting in. The last thing we want is for an animal or person to wander onto your property and get hurt by the heavy equipment and exposed demo materials.

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Silt and safety fences are just a few of the ways we provide site management safety practices. Whether you’ve contracted us for the job, or you’re just looking to install safety precautions for a DIY home project, contact Meibaum Excavation and ask how we help you keep your jobsite safe.

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